Quantum Access - Movement Feedback Intensive

June 17-26, 2019 — Central New York

$15,000 Tuition

Get that peaceful easy feeling again & soar beyond your fears!

10 Day Retreat - Central New York

This retreat is an introduction to a totally new way of living your life and developing yourself. You will do things you’ve never been able to do before — whether in relationships, self-expression, creativity or business. Every person has mythological constraints, however very few ever have the opportunity to consciously see and transform them. Karl is a leader in 3rd and 4th generation Personal Transformation. A pioneer, he is on the leading edge with a broad set of methods that quickly lead to Level Three Awareness through Quantum Access™ and the power of the non-language based Symbolic Experience derived from Movement Diagnostic Therapy. With this new foundation, anxiety and depression disappear, positive emotions take the place of negative ones, and well-being soars. The mind’s negative chatter is greatly reduced or eliminated, bringing both peace and incredible mental clarity and performance. Quantum Access™ is state of the art genetic reprogramming.  It is not unusual for participants to look 10 to 20 years younger in just a few weeks.  In this retreat you find a method that leads to the end of seeking and the concomitant personal awakening you strive for. The discipline, structure and high level group support of like-minded individuals is essential. This is the opening of a new life as you realize there is no reason to continue to suffer.

Supernormal Perceptual States Available to All

Every culture has their own name for Super Perceptual States and higher states of awareness, a range of expanded states of consciousness and special human abilities. Simply said supernormal perceptual states are states that are beyond what is typically within the purview of the normal range of perception of the general population. An example, is a dog whistle. The sound of a dog whistle is far above the frequency range of human hearing, yet a dog can hear it. Relative to us, this type of hearing range is a supernormal perceptual state, and yet not for the dog. Bees see ultraviolet light at the shorter-wavelength end of the spectrum. However, unlike humans, bees can’t see red, which occurs at the longer wavelength end of the visible spectrum. Red looks black to bees.

There are many interdimensional things that exist all around us that normal functioning human beings cannot see. They in fact exist, they are just super perceptual. Many, even though the supernormal perceptual states are not typically perceived as part of their routine daily lives, sense however that they do exist. The same is true of any number of potential expanded states of consciousness beyond the normal range of most people’s experience.

Practices and Points of Access:

Through Birth

As with any other natural human ability, people display differing propensities towards learning and/or spontaneously displaying Supernormal Perceptual States, with Karma often playing the primary role. Some born with them may exercise them without being aware that their particular psychic gift is unusual. In such cases, it may come as a revelation to the individual when they learn that their ability is not common and that they are often considered a misfit by other people possessing lesser abilities.  This was my experience as a very young child.  I was aware when I was born.  More about this another time.

Through Herbs

Another means of triggering Supernormal Perceptual States is through certain hallucinogenic drugs and herbs such as LSD, mescaline, peyote and others. However, caution must be exercised in these cases and they must be used under the auspices of experienced Spiritual Guides similar to those of Native American Shamans or rituals.  Otherwise, these can lead to uncontrolled psychosis and quite possibly to an internal mental environment that causes great psychological trauma.  For some there may be great benefit.  However, any positive experience is often short term and bound to the drugs.  The potential downside of a bad trip is not worth it!

Through Quantum Access,™ Mantras, Movement and Fasting

The Quantum Access Movement Diagnostics™ are a form of Somatic Meditation, which features our body as the fundamental arena of meditation practice. Rather than trying to develop meditation through our left-brain, thinking mind in a “top-down” process, as is the case with most contemporary approaches, The Intensive Life Training involves a bottom-up process, wherein we connect with the inherent, self-existing wakefulness that is already present within the body itself. In contrast to conventional approaches that emphasize entry through the intentional thinking of the conscious mind and following conceptual instruction templates, Quantum Access™ develops a meditative consciousness that engages the limbic brain, is accessed through the feelings, sensations, somatic intuition, and inner felt sense of the body itself. The Slackline, In-line Skating and other movement tools simply tune into the innate awareness and knowing of the body. Put in Buddhist terms, the human body, as such, is already and always abiding in the meditative state, the domain of awakening, and we use these movement modalities to gain entry into that inner Buddha state.


During The Intensive Life Training and our other high level retreats conducted at sacred sites around the world, participants are initiated into the experience of this phenomenon while being lead on an inner Shamanic Journey, with the aid of the Super Normal Perceptual states of Quantum Access.™ They experience visions of what might be called the true-states or primal-states of reality, or what the physicist Bohm calls the “implicate order. Students report that human beings appear translucent and vibrant, consisting of fibers of light, an intelligence enmeshing the whole body in a web of fine threads rather like a floating egg. From this egg of energy, infused with infinite intelligence and love, the luminous bristles and long tenuous fibers reach and spin geometrically out holographically, into the universe, in all directions. In India, these are known as the “Hairs of Shiva.”

The power of these expanded states of consciousness can also come about through the use of breath, mediation and mantras, through the practicing of fasting and/or sense deprivation. According to occult theory, this is the more rational and desirable way to go about achieving these expanded states of consciousness.

Supernormal Perceptual States are natural abilities latent in all humans. If one takes the time to learn and practice the correct dance, movement and yoga exercises, which is what we do in The Intensive Life Training and our Advanced Retreats, then it is inevitable that one will directly experience the awakening of their own higher states of awareness and innate abilities. Again, there is nothing magical or mysterious going on, and all claims put forth regarding such stand open to a test of their validity that anyone wishes to pose.

One who experiences Super Normal Perceptual States and the concomitant higher states of awareness, operates in a much greater, more expanded psychological reality than one who does not and therefore the skeptic must be prepared to suspend their disbelief, to go to a place they have never been before.  Join us and see for yourself!

Eleanor A.

“I am enjoying a much closer relationships with my children. I am more financially stable and confident about the future. I feel more able to listen to and to trust my own inner intuition. I sense a new inner peace/understanding of allowing a higher power to flow through me, while letting go of the ego (this is especially enjoyable on the Viola now). I feel more able to be in the present moment and to feel the JOY of life itself. I am grateful to you Karl. Thank you.

In this retreat Karl will help you:

  • Discover the secrets of the “sixth sense”, the sacred energy that enables you to tap into the state of “all knowing”
  • Increase your creativity—not only creating more, but also at a higher level.
  • Gain a new perspective on life that enlivens everything about your existence and increases your personal well-being and success in every situation, as you identify and collapse the myths that prevent you from realizing your full potential.
  • Learn the methods that will help you step into the extraordinary life you were meant to live,shifting into more fulfilling work and relationships.
  • Understand how you and this living field interact, and why you are so critical.
  • Access multiple forms of intelligence and knowing, helping you experience life with greater richness and dimensionality.
  • Tap into sources of ancient wisdom and the ancient mystery schools that will help you navigate life in the world today and see the sacred in each and every moment.
  • Maintain a perspective that fills you with empathy, patience, and wisdom—no matter how challenging the situation.

Stop doing that thing you do... that keeps you away from you!

10 Day Retreat - Central New York

This 10-day retreat invites you to experience the healing power of Quantum Access™ and the “unity of intention” of the group. Join us in this natural setting. Ten days that will truly initiate “expansion, healing and change” in your life!

We help you soften your resistance to the truth of who you are.

10 Day Retreat - Central New York

Imagine yourself in a gracious retreat setting. Share the exquisite beauty of the quiet rolling countryside, enjoy healthy, delicious meals, and give yourself this gift of regeneration, contemplation and integration.

Ghita B.

“For me, this Tuscany retreat certainly feels like a resurrection from so many hardships and intense life experiences. I feel like I am born again to my true self and for the first time I see myself as a handsome person and I am able to acknowledge it. The numerous exercises from core helped stir up the energies and my patterns. And when I walked on the slackline I felt the integrative process click in and around me. In the next following days I started feeling a fullness on the inner side and a wholeness on the outer side as if the axis and the abscisse of my space had been tightened up and streamlined. The genie inside was allowed to fully inhabit the body and the space around it. Life flows now from this place of power, truth and love. I am very grateful to all the participants for showing up and for being who they are. Love you all. And I am very grateful to you Karl for sharing this knowledge with us in such a generous and empowering manner.”

We Invite You to Join Us!

10 Day Retreat - Central New York

Your investment of $15,000 includes:

  • The Movement Feedback Retreat Training.
  • 10 days, 9 nights accommodations in Central New York finger lakes region.
  • Local fresh, catered meals. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Unlimited fruits throughout your stay.

This retreat also includes:

  • An exploration of the local landscape.
  • Ritual and mindfulness practices.
  • Video footage of the movement feedback sessions.
10 Day Retreat - Central New York

Currently, Human Potential can be divided into 3 "Generations"


First generation consciousness studies include all types of course that teach positive thinking such as the Law of Attraction;  Tony Robbins, The Secret, Peak Potentials, A Course in Miracles. There is no explicit process for reading or correcting specific beliefs, traumas or myths, and rarely result in instant healing.


Second generation systems have a metaphysical system used for reading and testing or correcting specific energetic blocks or beliefs. They often use muscle testing such as “power therapies” like Theta Healing, EFT, Yuen Method, Psych K, Healing Codes, Body Talk, Hypnosis etc. These tend to facilitate some instant healing (physical, emotional, and financial). These are primarily initiated from the ego; there is little or no awakening or genuine spiritual content.


Level Three combines state-of-the-art metaphysics with a foundation in awakening also known as non-duality, which helps transcend identification with the separated ego. Karl Wolfe’s – Quantum Access™ and Movement Feedback Therapy, offers the benefits of 2nd generation metaphysical technology, and also facilitates genuine spiritual freedom and often instant physical healing.  This process is non-language based and leads to the higher  states of Symbolic Awareness. It’s the “foot in the door” to enlightenment, the beginning of the end of suffering, and penetrates to the core of attachment.

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10 Day Retreat - Central New York