The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” -John F. Kennedy

This quote is clear. We are well-advised to pursue success in business with purpose and direction. Business spans a wide range of skills, of which Marketing is the most dominant. This book covers the skills necessary to become successful – whether you are selling products, services, or a derivative of both. The wealth of business information in this book from Celebrity Experts® authors make it a must-read.

Co-Authored with Brian Tracy, Janet Attwood, Robert G. Allen and many other Leading Experts


The Success Secret

Searching for the “Success Secret” that will take you to the next level – both personally and professionally? Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach and co-creator of the legendary “Chicken Soup for the Soul” best-selling book series, has brought together today’s foremost thought leaders to reveal for the first time in print their own incredible success secrets. Inside these pages, you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to move forward – as well as the proven action steps that attract abundance and bring fulfillment. These innovative experts deliver all that and more – because they have the spirit and skills to transform your life and help you create the wealth, health and happiness you’ve been waiting for.

Co-Authored with Jack Canfield


Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

This book focuses on ten shamanic healers, featuring Karl Wolfe, Graywolf and Nicky Scully. They discuss their models of healing, and their healing procedures and techniques. An excerpt from sessions with clients is included.

Dr. Karl Wolfe is one of ten healers in North America featured by Dr. Stanley Krippner