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Discover the power of your dreams.

As we move into a most significant time in history, there is an invitation to be of service as an agent of change in the world. The paradox is that change requires doing nothing. There is no need to change anything in your life. Change requires a simple change in perception, a change in how we see the world. Are you the dream or are you the dreamer. We perceive the world through a lens formed from our prior experience, our world view, a bundle of beliefs formed over a lifetime that become a filter and distort how we “dream reality.” True power requires waking up to a “Lucid perception of reality, the singular vision of the Shaman, Healer, Sage.”

Living the Lucid Dream is the path of power. Native cultures practice rituals and rites of passage, non psychological processes that close the door to the distortions of ego bound ways and open the door to “Conscious Living and Lucid life, a new accountability.” “Lucid Living” requires closing the door to one way of perception and opening a door to another. Have a burning desire to change your perception and level of accountability? Then join us each month to dive deep into the layers of symbolism and myth hidden in your dreams.