Quantum Access - Movement Feedback Exercises

January 28, 2018 12-3:30pm EST — Online

Discover new ways to move and a deeper way of feeling

Movement Exercise Class Online

Would you like to encounter a “special” level of spirituality from which you will perceive life in all its subtly and vastness? During this series you will use Movement Feedback to begin to develop this new awareness for yourself. You will gain a “new perspective” on life that enlivens everything about your existence. You will discover the “powerful” relationship that exists between your past lives, dream imagery and daily events. The “insights” gained will increase your personal “well being and success” in every situation. Ever think is that all there is? Have you been waiting for that new life? Only you can make the choice. With the right tools, “you can change” and begin to live in a new world. You are the only one that can “break the cycle.” “Change requires change!” Change requires conscious awareness and then an “active choice.” These exercises will help you move into the next level of your movement practice.

In this 3 1/2 hour online class, Karl will show you:

This seminar series is an introduction to a totally new way of living your life and developing yourself. Apply the tools and you will do things in life you’ve never been able to do before — whether in relationships, self-expression, creativity or business. You’ll discover that Karl’s greatest gift is helping others improve their lives and expand their abilities. He invites those who are committed and sincere to join him for this “ground breaking” series. Among other things, he will help you discover the secrets of the “sixth sense?” He defines the sixth sense as a sacred subtle energy that enables “you” to tap into the wisdom of the etheric realms, the state of all knowing. If you have been considering exploring the mystical realms through your dreams or past lives, then this is for you! You will move from a life filled with the mundane to a world where you view all of life in grander terms.

Invest in Yourself

You’re Invited

For those looking to expand their movement exercise repertoire, this class will introduce you to new ways of moving. Come take this voyage with Karl Wolfe and his team of evocators who lead participants in a deep exploration of the important shifts occurring inside and around us at this crucial evolutionary moment. Be that agent of the change you long for in the world. Join us for a 3 /2 hour class online. Learn how Movement Feedback Holography can help you break free of energetic patterns that keep you holding you back. The availability is limited and will not last long.

The Class Format

With intensive movement examples and discussions, Dr. Karl Wolfe, creator of Movement Feedback Holography, will work directly with all students online via Zoom. Observing Dr. Wolfe teaching the exercises will open your eyes to some of your own life long patterns that hold you back. As you join Dr. Wolfe in reviewing the movements, you will recognize the patterns he points out, and see for yourself the implications of how a body moves.

Online Redefined

Clients rave about the HD broadcast quality and the online assistants who help the courses succeed: “Being able to access Karl’s classes from a distance has incredibly changed my life in such a short time that would have taken a decade plus if I had to be on site to take the classes-thank you!” – Heather – June, 2015

Movement Exercise Class Online

About Dr. Karl R Wolfe

Dr. Karl R Wolfe is an acknowledged contributor to the world wide movement towards self-awareness and higher consciousness. He combines the objectivity of a trained scientist with a mystic’s passionate search for deeper understanding. His work is an integration of his life as a scientist, mystic, and a modern day shaman; in an age of high technology and super-science. For more than 25 years, his insights have guided hundreds of professionals; dramatically improving the quality of their lives.


Alan B.

“Karl taught me how to stop the insanity of rational thinking only. No more wasted time, energy, and being a fraud. He showed me how to access true silence and find my authentic self; where serenity, agape and truth are revealed and experienced.”

Lynn E.

“I can make things happen by doing nothing. The burdens I let weigh me down are for the most part gone. I now can recognize patterns which helped to make illusions seem like fact. I feel more complete. I liked myself before I came, but now, I like myself for greater reasons. I was ready to move from a stuck position and I have.”

Douglas D.

“At last, someone who delivers more than just words when it comes to the healing arts and communication. This training opened my eyes to a whole new way of living and a new level of success in my professional career! My income quadrupled in one year!”

Ruby L.

“Every time I attend a class with Karl there’s a positive change in my life. I have had some big transformations because of this work. Karl helps you know and accept yourself without judgment. Old patterns can dissolve more easily.”

Caron L.

“I am unfolding in ways I never thought possible. I love who I am becoming. The change is permanent. The best use of time and money, I invested in myself and it is paying off. No one can take it away and the benefits will continue the rest of my life.”

Aaron B.

“Karl’s work has helped me realign with a sense of spirit and responsibility that has guided me toward taking action in new ways and improving all aspects of my life i.e. relationships, business, creativity, and athletic performance. I highly recommend Karl’s work to those who are ready to wake up and take action towards a better life aligned with truth, honesty, and the inherent wonder of our world.”

Currently, Human Potential can be divided into 3 "Generations"


The typical positive thinking/Law of Attraction; ex: Tony Robbins, The Secret, Peak Potentials, A Course in Miracles, Andy Shaw’s “Bug Free Mind”. They typically do not have an explicit process for reading or correcting specifics beliefs/traumas/myths, and do not generate instant healing.


These have a metaphysical system for reading/testing and correcting specific energetic blocks or beliefs. They often use muscle testing in some way shape or form, ex: “power therapies” like Theta Healing, EFT, Yuen Method, Psych K, Healing Codes, Body Talk, etc. They tend to facilitate some instant healing (physical, emotional, and financial.) Often still at the effect of competition. Primarily done from spiritual ego; little or no awakening or genuine spiritual content.


Combines state-of-the-art metaphysics with a foundation in awakening (aka Non-Duality/Advaita, to help transcend identification with the separated ego). Karl Wolfe’s – Movement Feedback Therapy, offers the benefits of 2nd gen metaphysical tech, but also facilitates genuine spiritual freedom and often instant physical healing, as they say in Advaita, and leads to Non-Persistent Symbolic Awareness. It’s the “foot in the door” to enlightenment, the beginning of the end of suffering, and penetrates to the core of attachment.

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Movement Exercise Class Online