Disappointment is a teacher, an opportunity to learn. If we blame others for our disappointments we are going to be endlessly disappointed. It is not everyone else’s job to make us happy.It is a choice to be in harmony with the universe. Disappointment is telling me that I have work to do. It can call for greater effort or other expectations. But it is my job to go within to find the source of the problem.

No matter who or what is at fault, it all comes down to my own assessment of what to do. I can be addicted to frustration and creating problems or I can be looking for solutions. No one else is responsible for my feelings. There is always a moment of trauma with disappointment, too. I need to move through the disappointment and into responsibility.

The truly spiritual person finds joy in disappointment, for it means another illusion has been removed and the truth is closer yet. That truth will always be beautiful, unless we are clinging to old ideas. When we see endings as beginnings, disappointments as doorways, we are on the path to true understanding.

Our society does not have a tradition of the seeker, the one who searches for the divine. It is not a path that is central to our culture. No wandering dervishes here. We do have the fairy tales of the young man who goes out to seek his fortune, but that is more about our material values, although happiness is certainly a part of it. So we are creating our own traditions. Don’t be afraid to be an odd duck. An odd duck is good in a culture dominated by materialism. Make it official. You’re different maybe even weird. You are a devotee. Value spirit.

When you make the divine mystery the center of your life the material world falls into place, achieves perspective. A struggle on the physical level is often really a matter of spiritual focus. Spiritually, abundance is the law. Tune into that and both of your worlds become beautiful. Honor the seeker within you. Allow devotion and love to become the beginning, middle, and end of your day.When spirit, what some call God, becomes a part of our decision making we become not only wise but calm.

The next step in life is to become who you really are. Let go of every old idea about yourself. See with the eyes of a child. There are naked emperors everywhere. Don’t believe those foolish people. They are not you. Let go! Let go! Let go!