These classes are an introduction to a totally new way of living your life and developing yourself. The Movement Diagnostics and Quantum Access™ set the stage for third level awareness. Ready to make that shift you have been yearning for? Movement feedback diagnostics is at the nexus of the most innovative and empowering resources humanity has ever seen for fostering personal growth and spiritual development. This forum is a graduate level for personal growth and spiritual inquiry.

These seminars make no attempt to pump you up with an artificial high. Those states rarely last beyond the next day because they’re based on a denial of reality. What are first perceived as problems happen to all of us. If you believe that problems are real then you will be bound to your problems. The act of looking for a solution configures the problem and re-enforces the problem reality. Lasting strength depends on your ability to use your problems as teachers. This is impossible unless you have specific tools you can use in the moment the perceived problem is happening.

You’ll be taught tools to deal with specific energies that impede progress in life such as depression, fear, conflict, inferiority, laziness and a variety of other common issues. This doesn’t mean the seminars focus on the negative. Quite the opposite, the classes focus on feeling and balance, establishing an energetic flow and transaction. When the tools begin to work for you, your whole outlook on life changes for the better. You’ll learn how to turn what were formerly perceived as negative experiences into power – that’s the secret of a successful life.

There are so many tools that in these introductory foundational classes we work with just a few. To simplify matters we’ll always work with at least the four basic tools each week. Those are Gratitude, The release of Judgment, Active Unconditional Love and facing the mythological nature of the Shadow. Shadow Work is really a series of tools that activate your disowned self, the shadow — your ignored source of inner strength and purpose. Gratitude and the Grateful Flow counter states of negativity and dissatisfaction. The Release of Judgment activates forgiveness, brings you into relationship with your past; the present moment, the state of being. Active Unconditional Love is for dealing with people and situations that provoke anger, reactivity or frighten you.

The tools teach you how to access and enter higher states constantly during your day, not just when you’re alone meditating, but right in the middle of difficult events. Without a doubt, if you master only these few basic tools, you’ll be able to change your life each time you apply the tools. As with anything new, initially, using the new tool may be a challenge. Once you see the benefits manifest in your life, it becomes simple and easy! Over the next few weeks you will see and experience the power of these tools in the group setting. We all suspect we have hidden inner powers we’ve rarely or never used. The tools not only introduce you to these powers. They teach you to activate them instantly. For most of us it’s a revelation to be able to change our inner state at will, especially in our worst moments. It’s the beginning of a whole new view of self and a whole new way of life.

Why the Group Works

The philosophy and tools you’ll learn in the seminars work well if you go home and practice them alone. However, if you attend regularly and participate with the group you’ll get a whole extra level of benefit. The group forms its own world with special collective healing energies.

We build those energies three ways:

1. The most powerful way is for the members to reveal their mythology, their shadow side to each other. Your shadow is the part of you that your ego identifies as inferior. The ego tries to hide it from others by putting a shell or shield around yourself. Separate individuals become a cohesive group when the shields dissolve and the shadow aspects enter the room. This generates higher energetic forces that benefit all. You’ll be shown, step by step, how to find your shadow or hidden agendas and how to reveal them quickly. For beginners you’ll find that just visualizing your shadow in the presence of others helps – you don’t even have to say anything.

2. One of the most expanding aspects of the seminars is when people risk in front of the group, reveal what they’re struggling with, and we guide them in the use of tools to deal with it. This isn’t a voyeuristic experience for the rest of us. We participate along with them. There’s an inner peace that comes when you see we’re all really working on the same issues. It’s also inspiring when you see someone using the tools have a breakthrough. No one is pressured to work in front of the group, or to talk about anything they’re not as yet comfortable with. The most important thing isn’t whether you share yourself – it’s how you treat those people who do take the risk.

Those who share in front of the group represent the shadow of the group for those moments. Because they’re exposed and vulnerable they carry a magic healing power in those moments — that’s the law of the shadow. The way you treat them will be the same way you treat your own shadow! The more loving you are toward them the more loving you’ll be toward yourself — and the more power you’ll have.

3. Groups can mobilize a higher, more intense will power than any individual can. They do this by setting an intention to heal self and others and concentrating intently on it during the class. This is called “unity of intent.” The intention might be revealing the myths or shadow, or facing conflict, or recovering from injury. This facilitates an energy that has a real, independent existence. Once it is experienced, you can connect to it even when you’re not in the group. It may sound abstract but you’ll be able to feel this energy if not in the first class, after a few visits. The more consistently people attend, and the more focused they are, the stronger this Quantum energy resource becomes. The first time you activate it outside the group will be a revelation. It’s like discovering an extra gas tank in your car. The collective group energy also lets you experience the tools more powerfully as time goes on. Those who studied with me years ago call to report that even now new levels of awareness continue to kick in.

Participate regularly, do the movement exercises and you will find you are able to do things in life you’ve never been able to do before — whether in relationships, self-expression, creativity or business. Growth requires a personal investment. Good things have a price. You have to exercise regularly if want to build new muscles. If you really want these powers, you’ll have to apply yourself over a period of months. You will, however, be able to experience progress immediately. You will experience the healing power of “Quantum Access™” and of the “unity of intention” of the group.