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The Genuine Article

Reality is an illusion, a real illusion. It is the genuine article. We can’t wish it away. We can call it an illusion or reality. It stays the same. There is a quality to it, within, that creates a transcendental experience, a trance state we often call magic.

The illusion would be to believe that there is nothing more than the physical manifestation, no underlying mystery. I experience a beautiful feeling of Something within everything. The illusion would be that I understand it.The word, God, for me evokes the Great Mystery and makes reality seem an illusion.

And this illusion has been called the Divine Dance. Eastern thought calls reality Maya, the great illusion. All these words dancing together point us toward the experience. Of course we can choose to sit back and debate endlessly. I prefer action. Through Quantum Access™ I gaze through Maya into the stillness, from which everything manifests in reality!

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