Using Movement Feedback Holography can transform your life. We ran the Wednesday sessions in Los Angeles for many years and thousands of participants experienced manifestations of the love, money, life purpose, and spiritual growth they desired.

Group classes consist of an open forum where all students are invited to receive feedback and give feedback to others. The entire group moves forward together!

“Karl’s work is the most authentic experience I have had. The Wednesday Night sessions are a direct way to look at oneself through others reflections. Karl encourages “to choose feeling” and that practice alone has changed the trajectory of my life. I have known Karl some 15 plus years and I am grateful that I stayed with it even when my Ego yelled run! And…he’s very funny!” -Howard L.

“Wednesday Nights are a wonderful gathering of like-minded people, a community that offers honesty, integrity and unconditional acceptance for whatever it is I bring. Thank you to Karl, and to everybody in the group for their willingness to share and to shed, to give and to receive, to grow and to facilitate growth!” -Kristina H.

Please join us. Space is limited to the first 50 registrants and will be full very soon.

Notice: Registration closes sharply each Weds an hour before starting – 7:30PM Eastern! You will not receive a link or replay if you sign up late.

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